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Let's Bury The Hustle

— Sourced from David Hansson

Productivity and mordern working culture are deathly, and Let's Bury the Hustle by David Hansson provides a polemic against our workaholic mentality. I know I fall into the mindset he rails against often. Worth a read — it's by no means a modern classic that'll spark some kind of paradigm shift, but it'll make you reflect a little.

I think his perspective on the problem with "The Grind" is neatly summed up in the line:

Sacrificing the choice bits of the human experience to climb some arbitrary ladder of success.

A longer quote, which I thought was insightful and brilliantly put, reads:

The grind doesn’t just feel apt because it’s hard on an individual level, but because it chews people up and spits ’em out in bulk. Against the tiny minority that somehow finds what they’re looking for in that grind, there are legions who end up broken, wasted, and burned out with nothing to show. And for what?

Even more insidious about the concept of the hustle and its grind is how it places the failure of achievement squarely at the feet of the individual. Since it’s possible to “make it” by working yourself to the bone, it’s essentially your own damn fault if you don’t, and you deserve what pittance you may be left with.

Its origin from a dog-eat-dog world has been turned from a cautionary tale into an inspirational one. It’s not that you need to hustle to survive, it’s that you seek the hustle to thrive, and still at the expense of yourself and others.

My favourite part of the article, though — and the most useful bit — is his list of advice. Rather than repeating it here, I'll let you find it toward the end of the original article, which you can find here and is well worth the 5 minute read, especially for those in tech and academia.