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Get News. Not Too Much. Avoid Social.

— Sourced from Farhad Manjoo, New York Times

A well-written and simple article laying out — quite simply — what the author learned in getting his news almost entirely from print news for a few months. He sums up his lesson like Michael Pollan does with nutrition:

Get news. Not too much. Avoid social.

Interestingly, his take would ultimately eschew sites like this for news, where the curated sources with my own distilled take are the main feature. I'm not sure how this fits now, on reflection, because the main intention of the site to begin with was to curate ideas and information that other people could enjoy, and that's kind of out of the window if a major problem is curation from people who don't understand their sources well enough or look to curations instead of finding more primary sources.

Still, I do think this has a place — better curated here than somewhere like Facebook, as he also notes — and it helps me to find my voice, too — ultimately, I write this for myself as much as anything else.