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Who is Tom?

Hi! I'm Tom.

I'm a PhD student studying Computing Science at Glasgow University. My research is in system simulation. I work on building really realistic simulations of systems involving people and tech, called socio-technical systems. Specifically, I model the unexpected pieces of variation in the behaviours of things in those systems, such as people making mistakes that we don't anticipate. The work is part-sponsored by OBASHI.

I also have a masters in computing science from Glasgow University. My masters research was on constructing formalisms of computational responsibility, and my honours research was on the system modelling research I'm now continuing.

My honours research won the "best software product" award for my year. At the end of my masters, I was given an award for contribution to the computing science department.

In my spare time I'm fascinated by topics involving the interaction of the sciences and the humanities — especially (but not limited to!) in computing science and culture / philosophy. I cook, drink good coffee, get nerdy about fountain pens, judge bars for their toilet design, write, play piano,

I do lots of speaking and writing, and do consulting in research, python/go development.

What's Tom been up to?