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Hello! 👋

I’m Tom. This is my personal website. I keep it up-to-date as a record of what I’m up to or thinking about at a given moment in time.

By day, I’m a Research Software Engineer at King’s College London. I work in the SoftDev group on a project called Chrompartments, which works to improve memory safety in Chrome through hybrid CHERI compartmentalisation techniques. Ask me about it if you’re curious. I’m also in the process of defending my PhD thesis, which is on Aspect-Oriented Programming and its application to codebases for scientific models.

I quite enjoy photography. I keep a little portfolio of some shots in my Glass profile. I’m also big into coffee — or, at least, I used to be when I had a little more time and a little more space in my life for caffeine. I’d love to get back into it in a major way. I’ve been learning to juggle. I love a good run, when I have the discipline to keep the habit up. Running in London can be fun — there’s so much to explore! — but while I’m still staying in the big smoke, I’m also missing Glasgow, which still feels like home.

In previous lives, I’ve worked at Apple writing bugs in contributing to some internal infrastructure and lectured Advanced Professional Software Engineering and Systems Programming for the Graduate Apprenticeship programme at the University of Glasgow.