2024 List of Good Things

Updated 2 months ago.

Feb 07

The LRB’s had a good article in their latest issue from Rebecca Solnit. It’s on a lot of things — kind of how places change — kind of how technology shapes those places — kind of the relationship between those who shape that tech and they cities their creations change. Worth a read!

Quite enjoying listening to Public Service Broadcasting while I work. Go is a good place to start. It’s from The Race For Space, their album about the space race (go figure). As with all of their historically concerned albums, it’s composed of samples of audio from the events they tell stories about. Cracking stuff. Whole album’s worth a listen. Shivers.

I also recently discovered that Sophie Ellis Bextor (yes, that one) has a is a DJ on BBC Radio 6 playing disco music! It’s a fantastic show. I’ve found some good stuff there.

Improbably, I’ve begun playing chess a little. I’m probablytom on